9x Redundant = Highly Secure

9x Redundant = Highly Secure

I thought this photo was funny, and clearly someone else thinks redundancy is important!

We never want to see your business, cultural and natural resources data lost in fire, flood or theft. Redundancy is a term meaning duplication. If it is duplicated, it is safe and will always be available.

In our wise practices setup, we recommend a high level of redundancy.

Here’s a CedarBox redundancy example for files associated with each development application:

  1. On the Development email account email server
  2. In the Coordinator’s email client (Outlook or Thunderbird)
  3. Printed on paper and stored in folder/filing cabinet (labeled with FN-PROJECT-ID)
  4. In the per-Project dashboard tab: Files (e.g. in the CedarBox Development App)
    • Note1: data stored on CedarBox are stored on a two hard disk drive RAID 1 mirror
  5. On the in-community NAS
    • Note2: data stored on the NAS is stored on a two hard disk drive RAID 1 mirror
  6. (Optional) In an encrypted back-up file on CedarBox.ca (secure Canadian cloud storage)
    • Note3: data stored on the server is stored on a hard disk drive RAID mirror

That’s 9x redundancy for your important files!

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